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57" tube

57" tube

BBLover on 2014/07/22
48" Budweiser beach ball by Sevylor
72" transclucent volleyball by Vynll Concepts
Stars Purple Swim ring
East Treasure Light Blue Whale
48" white with color spots and circles by Bestway
Splash Roller

Splash Roller

BBLover on 2014/07/20
48" 12 panels sprinkler by Intex
Big Bubble Boy

Big Bubble Boy

BBLover on 2014/07/20


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  • Inflatable-T-Rex
    I never thought of it. → Sea Dragon Inflatable-T-Rex posted on 2014/07/21 20:18:52

    that's a good question! is the T. Rex gone too? I remember there was a small time when it seemed that they stopped making all of their no tip ride ons and they all shot up in price on eBay and there is a triceratops one that was never sold in the states that I would love to own but Oh well. I have an odd feeling their shit quality has something to do with it because now that I think of it  the dragon pool they sold vanished too but it's back and common but I don't know if it's true to size or still photoshopped to look bigger.

    AR Lion → Ar Lion Topcat posted on 2014/07/21 18:19:38

    Since there where only 6 of them made I have 2 of them I wonder who has the rest of them

    May I Ask? → DeRG Plesiodrake TheTriplecorn posted on 2014/07/21 18:18:21

    WTF?! First time I have seen what looks to be a gorey inflatable...

    Why Discontinue? → Sea Dragon TheTriplecorn posted on 2014/07/21 17:36:27

    Honestly, why did they discontinue this? Honestly, it is a big company, Banzai, so they can easily produce these. I don't know what it's production years were, but honestly, this would be nice. It literally looks like a custom and could probably even be mistaken for one. Did they just think nobody would want it for very long? Uhh, hello? The Intex orca design is still today being produced on TONS of different company's whale including intex.

    So yeah, I have no idea why they wouldn't make this anymore. I am newer to a community...but it doesn't take an expert to see how great this looks for a consumer toy.

    I would love one of these, being as it isn't too big, and it looks great. Plus a bigger name company means it won't be $150?!

    [Unknown topic] → PuffyPaws Red Inflatable Husky aventis posted on 2014/07/21 01:10:51

    Wow.... "when the draft is cooler than the final work" series... (the red husky is more cooler than the grey in my opinion).. :-)


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