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Banana Rider

delfin on 2014/12/11


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  • someone11
    [Unknown topic] → Intex big Lobster ride-on someone11 posted on 2014/12/20 18:09:38

    I think they're available on amazon right now.
    Today i saw on on for about 20€.

    [Unknown topic] → Hyena Trainman posted on 2014/12/18 18:21:21

    That's not the best idea, as there is already an established base of users on this entry whom have the production toy added to their collections and wishlists. MUCH easier, faster, and less disruptive to simply change the photo.

    Translation → 10ft ducky aka 'Riesen Ente' someone11 posted on 2014/12/18 11:09:26

    I don't think it'S originally called "riesen Ente".
    Because "riesen Ente" means (exactly) the same as giant duck.

    Rare? → Brown Horse someone11 posted on 2014/12/18 11:04:44

    I don't think it's rare, because is still selling some of those.

    Re:Incorrect toy shown in photos → Hyena someone11 posted on 2014/12/18 11:02:03

    I'd say you should just change the name of this entry in hyena prototype and create an new entry for the original one.


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