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G&G Inflatable Fox

G&G Inflatable Fox

Basic properties
  • Item is made by: G&G (Merek)
  • Batch type: Limited
  • Rarity level: Very rare
  • Production years: unknown
  • Is anthro: no/unknown
  • Is promotional: no/unknown
  • Toy has been viewed 13586 times
Toy sizes (in inches)
  • Height: 72in
  • Width: 36in
  • Length: 72in
Toy valves & handles
  • Toy has handles: no/unknown
  • Valves: Valve #2 / Valve #3 (#2 per leg and tail and the biggest chamber has #3)
Surface & construction
  • Chambers amount: 6
  • Air capacity: unknown
  • Vinyl thickness: 0.4mm (16ga)
  • Vinyl type: Matte
  • Type of seams: Overlapping
  • Colors: Orange / White
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[Unknown topic] Administrator posted on 2011/06/11 19:34:27

No problem :-) Feel free to add other toys. Just follow the rules and Terms :-)

[Unknown topic] system_of_a_furry posted on 2011/06/11 19:27:46

Thanks for the edits, I'm sorry for the incorrect information :(

[Unknown topic] Administrator posted on 2011/06/11 14:28:52

0.4 not 0.5 ?

Its actually a G&G (Merek) Fox. bob10 posted on 2011/06/11 11:31:19

Manufactured by: Jet Creations Inc.
Obtained by: G&G Inflatables (Merek Geiger)
Material: 16 gauge (0.4mm) PVC Vinyl
Chambers: 6 (4 legs, body, and tail)
Sizes (approx): 6feet x 6feet x 3feet
Cost: $400-$450 (but worth it)
Alibaba claims to have made just about every inflatable on the web, They even claim to make the Intex Yellow Seal.

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