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Royal Caribbean Inflatable Cruise Ship

Royal Caribbean Inflatable Cruise Ship
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22 inch inflatable model of a Royal Caribbean cruise ship. Snagged this while on a cruise with my family, I've seen it available on Amazon and various cruise ship-related online stores as well.

It's made of fairly decent vinyl but does not float well, flopping onto one side. It has what feels like a cardboard insert inside on the bottom, and has a small clear ring on the top so it can be hung from a wall or ceiling.

Basic properties
  • Item is made by: -- Unknown --
  • Batch type: unknown
  • Rarity level: Rare
  • Production years: unknown
  • Is anthro: no/unknown
  • Is promotional: Yes
  • Toy has been viewed 1401 times
Toy sizes (in inches)
  • Height: unknown
  • Width: unknown
  • Length: 22in
Toy valves & handles
  • Toy has handles: no/unknown
  • Valves: Valve #2 (on bottom, rear end of ship)
Surface & construction
  • Chambers amount: no/unknown
  • Air capacity: unknown
  • Vinyl thickness: unknown
  • Vinyl type: Glossy
  • Type of seams: unknown
  • Colors: white
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