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PuffyPaws Red Inflatable Husky

Puffypaws Red Inflatable Husky

Basic properties
  • Item is made by: PuffyPaws
  • Batch type: –°onsumer commodities, limited
  • Rarity level: Very rare (4 items)
  • Production years: 2009 - 2009
  • Is anthro: no/unknown
  • Is promotional: no/unknown
  • Toy has been viewed 9832 times
Toy sizes (in inches)
  • Height: unknown
  • Width: unknown
  • Length: unknown
Toy valves & handles
  • Toy has handles: no/unknown
  • Valves: Valve #2 / Valve #3
Surface & construction
  • Chambers amount: 5
  • Air capacity: unknown
  • Vinyl thickness: 0.4mm (16ga)
  • Vinyl type: Matte
  • Type of seams: Overlapping
  • Colors: Red / White
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Sparksthewolf Sparksthewolf
Sabre-Wafflecakes Sabre-Waffleca~
inflatable56531 inflatable5653~
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[Unknown topic] aventis posted on 2014/07/21 01:10:51

Wow.... "when the draft is cooler than the final work" series... (the red husky is more cooler than the grey in my opinion).. :-)

order Flyingwolfman posted on 2013/10/04 14:23:59

when can i get the order????

[Unknown topic] Administrator posted on 2012/02/06 15:29:50

*ponders who has 4th one*

[Unknown topic] aphorx posted on 2011/07/07 23:11:52

This toy was the very prototype before the grey husky run was done to ensure, everything would turn out well.

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