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PuffyPaws Inflatable Cobra

What you're seeing here is a cobra that you can climb inside of. Seriously! There is a zipper on the back of it's neck that when not inflated, you can crawl into the snake and have a friend inflate you in! Breathing occurs by hose, as the inner walls were designed to inflate tight and lock you in place. You can even stick your hand out of the mouth and give the illusion of having just been eaten.

The body is one chamber and inflates the hood, eyes, all that good stuff.

This project was probably one of the hardest projects PuffyPaws had to date. It's a ONE OFF, which means, there was only one built for the customer. This was more of an Research & Development project and while a lot of time consuming work.

Basic properties
  • Item is made by: PuffyPaws
  • Batch type: Extra limited
  • Rarity level: Very rare (1 item)
  • Production years: 2011 - 2011
  • Is anthro: no/unknown
  • Is promotional: no/unknown
  • Toy has been viewed 11587 times
Toy sizes (in inches)
  • Height: 72in
  • Width: unknown
  • Length: 92in
Toy valves & handles
  • Toy has handles: no/unknown
  • Valves: Valve #2 / Valve #3 (#2 Valve for lower jaw, #3 for rest of head and body.)
Surface & construction
  • Chambers amount: 2
  • Air capacity: unknown
  • Vinyl thickness: 0.4mm (16ga)
  • Vinyl type: Matte
  • Type of seams: Overlapping
  • Colors: Black / Ivory
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Discuss a toy

[Unknown topic] Eskir posted on 2011/09/05 15:28:46

Well they shall gauge interest and do preorders then! :D

[Unknown topic] Ultralphawolf posted on 2011/09/05 09:10:30

it was a one off

[Unknown topic] Eskir posted on 2011/09/04 12:17:51

I as a fan of dragons, lizards and snakes find it to be quite sad that there's only one of them ._.
If I didn't know this won't happen, I'd seriously hope for a re-run.

[Unknown topic] squeaktdragon posted on 2011/06/24 03:07:52

I hope Puffypaws comes out with plans to male other bondage inflates like this beauty. Brilliant idea, and an equally brilliant outcome

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