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PuffyPaws Zenith Dragon

This is a custom toy project thought up by Helsing, produced through PuffyPaws.

Basic properties
  • Item is made by: PuffyPaws
  • Batch type: –°onsumer commodities, limited
  • Rarity level: Spread
  • Production years: 2011 - 2011
  • Is anthro: no/unknown
  • Is promotional: Yes
  • Toy has been viewed 56165 times
Toy sizes (in inches)
  • Height: 84in
  • Width: unknown
  • Length: 134in
Toy valves & handles
  • Toy has handles: no/unknown
  • Valves: Valve #3 (#3 for main body, others 1 per wing)
Surface & construction
  • Chambers amount: 3
  • Air capacity: unknown
  • Vinyl thickness: 0.4mm (16ga)
  • Vinyl type: Matte
  • Type of seams: Overlapping
  • Colors: Red / Brown / White
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Warning!Known issues for that toy
Possible weaknesses in cheek seams. Back seams under stress from wings. Tends to explode if looked at funny.

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Discuss a toy

[Unknown topic] 1912w posted on 2015/02/13 07:15:57

These companies all sell illegal knock-offs using the real photos to advertise them. Everyone who buys from any of the companies offering them encourages intellectual theft and compromises the real toy manufacturers and artists.
The real Zenith is only available on eBay with a lot of luck and a deep purse.

On the picture used at Aliexpress Baphnedia posted on 2015/02/13 01:21:32

So the picture is actually a picture of the Zenith Dragon Prototype, created before the run of Zenith dragons.  It seems to be used twice on the first page of search results, but what you get from such an order will probably be little like what you see in the picture.  Also, I don't suggest ordering from them; they don't need to get constructive feedback ever on how to make better knockoffs.  My $0.02.

[Unknown topic] Eskir posted on 2015/02/13 00:09:43

No. Alibaba/aliexpress is full of scams, knock-offs, bad quality and copyright violation.  They steal the designs in hope of quick profit but what you see is never what you get.

[Unknown topic] drago posted on 2015/02/12 22:23:08

hay guys theres a web site to buy that dragon but I'm not sure if that the right dragon the disruption is kind of off here is the site and type inflatable dragon in the box on top.

[Unknown topic] mm259 posted on 2014/12/30 02:31:48

awesome, thank you Xenowing :)

Zenith 2.0 Xenowing posted on 2014/12/30 02:11:46

For those interested in Helsing's new "Zenith 2.0", here is his first post about it over on FA.  I suppose this will do until he/PP/whoever decides to put his new creation in the projects area later when the art and all that jazz is done.

[Unknown topic] mm259 posted on 2014/12/30 02:01:31

I did not even know that, sorry Eskir i was not yelling its just i really like that dragon, forgive me

[Unknown topic] Eskir posted on 2014/12/30 01:20:22

What are you guys even on about? Zenith Mk2 is even planned already by Helsing, before going around yelling stuff you should actually get in touch with the community. I hope he takes a while though.

[Unknown topic] mm259 posted on 2014/12/29 23:35:06

I agree with you Drago, I am with you, We all need to band together like you said Drago, If we all want a zenith dragon,

dragon drago posted on 2014/12/29 04:14:42

polls suck on puffy paws I have been 3 years I keep asking to fix your polls but no he does not fix I thing that every one as a husky and wolf get dragon some love thare a lot us want the dragon that didn't get thares and miss out. so can we band together so we can get puffy  paws to put more dragon in stock.

[Unknown topic] mm259 posted on 2014/12/11 21:03:11

Don't think that friend, I Believe the zenith dragons will come back, :)

[Unknown topic] Candi_Corgi posted on 2014/08/03 05:53:00

I love how this guy looks! He's so smooth and rounded! I'm in love! Too bad I'll never get to touch it haha

[Unknown topic] tmdrake posted on 2014/02/18 17:51:15


[Unknown topic] Eskir posted on 2014/02/18 15:31:42

Damn, you have one?? D:
You're so lucky >_<

[Unknown topic] Meep2610 posted on 2014/02/17 18:13:11

I have it since 2 weeks ..
... And its so epic !!

I inflated it with my lungs !
(after 2 hours of inflating i felt like i have a hangover xD)

[Unknown topic] tmdrake posted on 2013/10/19 18:26:53

My dad owns a Porsche...yet it causes me to loose my space in the garage...

[Unknown topic] Eskir posted on 2013/10/19 12:15:35

Oh! So they sorted the fake votes out? I haven't heard anything about that for a while. Go... Awesome to hear!

[Unknown topic] 1912w posted on 2013/10/19 12:09:38

The poll was faked, Husky and Wolf had far more votes than they actually had. Zenith is number 3 which means it will most likely be re-runned after the Husky.

[Unknown topic] Eskir posted on 2013/10/19 12:02:42

It did rather poorly on the polls, I'm not sure if puffy will re-run it. Sorry :L

[Unknown topic] Demssa posted on 2013/07/04 18:17:58

Hey, dudes, when will new order for these dragons? I want this one, but I don`t know, who can answer on my questions.

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